Otto Kolomann Wagner was born at 13 July 1841 in Penzing, Vienna.
Otto Wagner studied from 1857 at the Polytechnic Institute for Constructions in Vienna and from 1861 he attended the Arts Academy, also in Vienna.
1884 he takes a job as professor at the Special School for Architecture at the Arts Academy.
In 1890, he became a task for the municipal structural reorganization of the city of Vienna.
Otto Wagner became in 1894 a job as architecture professor at the Arts Academy and in the same year he was appointed for the Upper Council for Constructions.
1899 he joined the Artist Organization "Wiener Secession".
Otto Kolomann Wagner died in 1918.


Famous Buildings:
1877 House at Schottenring
1879 Widening-construction of "Dianabad"
1886 Soviet Embassy
1886-88 Wagner's First Villa
1897 Weir of "Nußdorf"
City railway station at Schönbrunn and the twin-stations at "Karlsplatz", where today the Otto-Wagner-Café is placed
1898/99 Majolika House, Wienzeile
1905-1907 Steindorf Church
1910-1912 Houses for rent in the streets Neustiftgasse and Doblergasse
1913 Wagner's second Villa in the 14th district

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